The Over The Lege LIVE! Podcast

Check out all three seasons wherever you get your podcasts. We’re on Spotify now, so we’re a pretty big deal. 

Seasons 2 and 3 were recorded and broadcast live via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Season 1 was recorded before a LIVE studio audience until COVID-19 came along.

Season 2

Ep. 6 - The Environment or Like Whatever with Luke Metzger

Ep. 5 -Survey Says with Dr. Jim Henson

Ep. 4 - Tik Tok: When Civic Duty Is Not Enough

Ep. 3 - Got MALC? with Rafael Anchia

Ep. 2 - It's A Fetish Lege and You Like It with Monty Extra

Ep. 1 - This Is A Duty, We Must Govern with Senator Sarah Eckhardt

Season 1

Ep. 16 - Season 1 Finale: A Retrospective

Ep. 15 -Still In Our Houses And Need Some Help with Joe Moody

Ep. 14 - Live & Ready To Cast Our Ballots with Dana DeBeauvoir

Ep. 13 - Live! & Taking The Census with Genevieve Van Cleve

Ep. 12 - Live! & Still In Tiny Video Boxes with Max Lars

Ep. 11 - Live! & Still Staying Six Feet Apart with Intern & Activist Brahvan Ranganthan

First Podcast Recordings - Live from the Institution Theater - Episodes 2, 3 and 4!

Our first episodes were recorded live at the Institution Theater and included special guests Cliff Walker, Representative Eddie Rodriguez, and Ross Ramsey. Our celebrity comedians were Aaron Salinas, Chad Warren, Kevin Miller, Liz Morris and Jeremy Sweetlamb.  

Second Podcast Recording - Via ZOOM - Episode 5!