Over the Lege uses comedy to entertain and educate our audience on both the farcical nature of the Texas Legislature and on the importance of civic engagement. You might be wondering, why do a comedy show about the Texas Legislature?  Aren’t legislators serious people doing serious things?  No.

If you aren’t familiar with politics in Texas – we’ve been under one party rule for quite a while.  In the Texas Senate, Republicans have had a supermajority.  Like, imagine a majority, but like, more.  And in the House, of 150 seats, 99 are held by Republicans.  If you’re bad at math, that’s like half. And if you’re good at math, that’s like two-thirds.

Did you hear about the bill regarding the operation of a golf cart or utility vehicle on a public highway in certain counties?  Only in Texas do you have a county where people are rich enough to own a golf cart, but country enough to want to ride it on the highway.

How about the bill that limits the publication of mug shots and other information about individuals in the criminal justice system? Sounds like a good idea but I’m suspicious of the author’s of the bill.  Dawnna Dukes and Victoria Neave in the House; and Senate Sponsor, Carlos Uresti. These are all legislators who are – well – in the criminal justice system, and I don’t mean serving on those legislative committees.