Stephanie Chiarello

Stephanie Chiarello

Stephanie Chiarello, the creator, producer and host of Over the Lege, is a politico with a background in theatre and dance. She has worked extensively for members of the Texas Legislature and on political campaigns. She peaked as a ballerina as a monster in Firebird at the University of Oklahoma, but then danced as a principal with Austin Contemporary Ballet. She is a founding member of the musical improv troupe “That Racket” (may they rest in piece) and unemployed and single. She’s quite a catch, gentlemen.


Tom Booker

Tom Booker is a former college mascot, a graduate of The Second Conservatory in Chicago, a Founding Member of both Chicago’s Annoyance Theatre and of LA’s legendary theatre troupe “Theatre-A-Go-Go!”. He taught for 7 years at The Second City Training Center in Los Angeles and is the owner and Artistic Director of The Institution Theater in Austin. He has been seen in many television shows, a handful of movies and over 80 commercials. During his 33 year career he has directed productions in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Austin. His previous directing credits include “MANSON: The Musical,” “Patty, Patty, BANG! BANG! – The Patty Hearst Musical,” and the stage adaptation of “Valley Of The Dolls.” Yay!

Aaron Salinas

Aaron Salinas is an actor/comedian/film maker/podcaster from the crown jewel hidden in the mesquite trees, Kingsville, TX. He graduated from Texas A&M University-Kingsville, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication with an emphasis in broadcasting and a minor in theatre. He has received many different accolades in acting as well screen writing. He is a Gemini who loves to laugh.