The Long Center

Austin, TX

Sept. 16th, 17th & 18th

We're BACK!!!

Over The Lege

PART 6: A New Low

A must-see event! Over the Lege is the number one, and some say only, political satire show based solely on the Texas Legislature. It’s a little Saturday Night Live meets Colbert Report meets So You Think You Can Dance. We’re just as funny, just not as famous – yet.
Opening with sketches, the show ends with a legislative celebrity interview with a legislator, journalist, or advocate.
Don’t know anything about the Texas Legislature? This show is for you!
A Capitol insider? This show is for you!
We decode political headlines, behavior, and nuance into much needed comedic relief. And you might even learn a little about the secrets of the Pink Dome at 1100 Congress Avenue, such as: the Speaker of the House lives at the Capitol; we have a Speaker of the House; and his name is Dade Phelan. He tells great Dade jokes and is always Phelan groovy.